February 2009

Tip on developing T & F, MC/Matching, and Essay test items

Developing T & F test items

As instructors, most of us have looked at true/false items we have developed for a test/exam and realized, in hindsight, that they were not very effective.

Stimulating class discussion

Many of us have attempted to engage our students with course material through discussion, but sometimes we are met with silence, bowed heads, and darting eyes. The problem might be that students are often not prepared to discuss the material because they don’t know how to go about doing so, or are not accustomed to it. Another problem could be that we as teachers are not facilitating class discussions effectively.

Encouraging students to read course material

Students who read assigned course material before coming to class are better prepared to actively participate in discussion on the topic. However, many students do not read before class, if at all. How can we encourage more students to read so that they can be active participants in the classroom? Here are some suggestions: