Reflect on Teaching

Now that we are back to begin another term, we have a different sort of tip for you. Please take a few minutes, before thing get hopping again, to reflect on your teaching and experiences with the courses you offer. Give some thought to the two questions below, writing your responses will help to solidify your thinking and is highly recommended:

Eliciting summative feedback from students

Summative evaluation refers to evaluation of course components and/or teaching by students at the end of a course. While some instructors may be obligated to use course evaluations developed by their departments, others develop their own or use their own in conjunction with course or institutional evaluations. No matter what the case, the information gained can be helpful in improving teaching and course design.

Here are some things to consider when developing summative evaluation/feedback forms:

Eliciting formative feedback from students

Have you ever felt, even after careful planning, that what you are doing in the classroom just isn’t working? We all make mistakes, we try strategies that don’t work as planned, and teaching can improve a great deal if we actively seek out student comments and make adjustments in teaching strategies, even in mid-course.  Formative feedback from students can enhance the teaching and learning experience for both instructors and students. The following suggestions will help instructors to elicit student feedback throughout their courses:

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