The First Day of Class: A Model for the Semester

It’s almost here!  And as you know, the first day of class blends the excitement of a new term with some trepidation – what will the classes be like this year…, are the students willing to learn…, can we get started on the right foot?  Perhaps you can help encourage students to get off to a good start by your approach to the first day of class.

Making the Most of the Last Day of Class

Often professors see the last day of class as a chance to clear up the unfinished business of a course, passing back papers, preparing students for the final exam, administering course evaluations etc. While these activities are important, the last day of class can also be an opportunity for students to reflect on and fully synthesize what they have learned in the course and to understand how they  might further their studies.  Here are some suggestions for activities you can use on the last day of class to help with these activities:  

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