Death to the syllabus: Long live the CBU syllabus policy

Event Type: 
Book Club Meeting
Event Date: 
September 9, 2010
Event Time: 
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

The idea of a book club is to have interested people read a potentially controversial piece and then get together for a discussion.  In this case, the new CBU syllabus policy will be discussed along with Mano Singham’s provocative article “Death to the Sylalbus.” An optional, third reading will be Bardiac’ blog entry, “Syllabus Hell.” All this, just in time to write your syllabus for the coming term.


The Readings:

1.        Singham’s article:

Excerpt: “…we seem to assume that today’s students do not want to learn and have to be bludgeoned into doing so. The club we teachers use is the controlling syllabus. It is time to throw it away.”

2.       The CBU Course Syllabus Policy: available on the new TLC web site,

3.       Bardiac’s blog entry:

Excerpt:  “…before long, I'm handing out a 6 page syllabus that sounds like bad lawyer language and doesn't convey anything about how exciting it is to study Shakespeare.”


Hope to see you there,