Cape Breton University Instructional Leadership Award

Cape Breton University’s Instructional Leadership Award recognizes substantial contributions to the development of the teaching and learning at the Cape Breton University. Additional information about the 2015 award, including a revised nomination form, will be available soon.


Past Recipients:

2014: Debbie Brennick, Assistant Professor of Nursing, School of Professional Studies


2012: Dr. Stephanie Inglis, Associate Professor of Mi'kmaq Studies and Linguistics, School of Arts and Social Sciences 

2011: Dr. Heather Sparling, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, School of  Arts and Social Sciences

2010: Dr. Geoffrey Lee-Dadswell, Assistant Professor, Physics, Dept. Math, Physics & Geology, School of Science & Technology

2009: Dr. Dale Keefe,Professor, Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, School of Science & Technology

2008: Dr. Graham Reynolds, Professor, History, Department of History & Religious Studies, School of Arts & Social Sciences

2007: Dr. Rod Nicholls, Professor, Philosophy, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, School of Arts & Social Sciences

2006: Dr. Judith Rolls, Professor, Communication, Department of Communication, School of Arts & Social Sciences

2005: Dr. Jane Connell, Assistant Professor, Community Studies, Department of Community Studies, School of Arts & Social Sciences