Call for Submissions: The Western Conference on Science Education

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Western University: London , Ontario
Event Date: 
July 7, 2015 - July 10, 2015
Event Time: 
(All day)

“Gather + Create + Improve”

The Western Conference on Science Education is a novel and memorable biennial summer gathering of post-secondary STEM educators at Western University in London, Ontario.  The 2015 iteration will borrow the above tagline from our local makerspace, UnLondon’s UnLab, to inspire an event that will enliven traditional post-secondary education with the highly interdisciplinary, sleeves-rolled-up problem-solving ethos of the Maker movement. 

In what ways are you or your students Makers?  What are your favourite educational hacks?  How do you or your students reimagine labs, lectures, courses, programs, edutech as fresh approaches to emerging challenges?

This Conference Theme offers a multi-facetted lens with which conference participants can examine a wide diversity of shared experience, innovation and research on current issues in post-secondary science education.  Although any one of the ideas Gather, Create or Improve may be individually relevant to the work you and your students do, they are particularly synergistic when brought together in any given learning environment.

We are excited to welcome colleagues from across disciplines and across the country to engage with four dynamic plenary speakers:

Dr. Kylie Peppler, (Indiana University, Bloomington IN) Director of Creativity Labs “Making in Higher Education”

Dr. Kimberly Tanner, (San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA) Director of SEPAL: Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory “Thinking about Learning as Changing the Brain”

Dr. Simon Bates, (University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC) Professor of Teaching, Physics and Astronomy “Strategies for Engagement”

Dr. Christopher Charles

President, Canada, International Federation of Medical Students Inventor of Lucky Iron Fish.

“Education for Innovation”

You could present a completed body of work or you might offer an in-progress report on a project for comment and discussion with more experienced peers.  Collaborative work with undergraduate or graduate students is particularly welcome.

The WCSE 2015 Program will feature 30 min. Presentations and 80 min. Workshops in addition to Posters and Panel discussions.  Feedback from previous conferences has encouraged us to retain and reformat the 14 min “Short and Tweets”.

New for 2015 will be a 3M Micro Mentoring Program that will provide opportunities for you to spend a significant amount of quality time in consultation with a 3M Fellow from a STEM discipline.  We are also excited to sponsor an IgniteWCSE event to kick everything off on Tuesday evening and an EduTech Test Kitchen where you can play all week.  There are 30 additional new bells and 17 new whistles planned for 2015 but we are keeping them secret for now.

Submissions are welcome from Monday, January 26 until Monday, March 9, 2015. 

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Please help us to gather more improvements to science education by forwarding this announcement to interested colleagues.

We look forward to meeting with you again soon.

WCSE 2015 Organizing Committee