Using Flexible Assignment Schedules

Students are often required to do assignments that do not fit with their learning styles or their time schedules. One way to provide more options for students is to develop a flexible assignment schedule.

Flexible assignment schedules allow students (within limits) to choose for themselves which assignments (based on a selection provided by the instructor) they would like to complete to earn points and demonstrate skills/knowledge. Such schedules can range from highly, to moderately, to slightly flexible (with regard to due dates, values, and types of assignments).The amount of flexibility you build in to your assignment schedule will depend on the number of students in the class, the number of assignment choices you provide (based on objectives and learning outcomes), and how assignments are weighted.

Example: Moderately flexible Assignment Schedule

The following chart outlines the variety of assignments students have to choose from to earn grades. Students may choose any combination of assignments from the list below (**All students must incorporate in their learning plan (accessible on the web site and to be passed in before week 3) a group presentation and class participation component) as long as the value of the assignments total 100 points. This allows students to plan their assignments in accordance with the objectives and learning outcomes for the course, and their individual learning styles and personal circumstances (work, family obligations, other courses and assignments etc).

**Additional instructions (criteria sheets) for each assignment are provided on the assignment page of the course website.


Flexible assignment schedules focus on the needs of students in the learning process and provide opportunities for students to feel that they have input into the way they earn their grades.