Expanding nursing student’s notion of health: Moving out into the community

Event Type: 
Events/Guest Speakers
Multipurpose Room B
Event Date: 
November 9, 2011
Event Time: 
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Title: Expanding nursing student’s notion of health: Moving out into the community

Many students enter nursing education with the notion that improving health means taking care of the ill, hospitalized individual. While this is certainly a very important component of nursing practice, it is only one piece of the health puzzle. Nursing education challenges students to expand their notion of health.  What factors actually determine health? How does the community we live in impact on our health? Why is it important to shift our thinking from traditional, individual approaches to health, towards a population health approach? In this session we explore how placing students in nontraditional, population health focused, community placements such as Public Health helps to broaden student’s notion of health and their future role in improving the health of Nova Scotians. We will also explore the reciprocal relationship with the community and the benefits community-based agencies gain from mentoring nursing students. 


 Audrey Walsh MN

Audrey Walsh is an Assistant Professor, Nursing at Cape Breton University. She is a registered nurse and received her MN from Dalhousie University. Her areas of interest include: Breastfeeding, Adolescence, Childhood obesity, Childhood growth and Development.

 Lorrie Hodder, Public Health Nurse

 Lorrie holds a Registered Nursing diploma from St. Martha's School of Nursing, Antigonish, NS and a Public Health diploma from Memorial University, St John’s, NL. She has practiced as a registered nurse for 33 years with experience in acute care nursing, remote northern nursing and most extensively, public health nursing. She has participated in many Provincial, Regional and local committees to improve the health of the community.  


The host for the session is Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel, Faculty Liaison for Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry.