iPods & iTunes U: Advanced Podcasting Tools & Tips

Event Type: 
Events/Guest Speakers
CE 265 (Sydney Credit Union Room)
Event Date: 
August 11, 2011
Event Time: 
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Podcasting continues to have a revolutionary impact on how colleges teach and distribute audio and video content to users on campus and beyond. Join us for this interactive, 60-minute webinar to discover the latest podcasting technology and how you can use these powerful tools to their fullest capacity.


  • Advanced podcasting techniques- Take your podcasts to the next level
    • Creating your podcast- the 7 stages form conception to subscription
    • Best Software and tools: build your podcast studio on any budget
    • Step-by-step guidance to create a podcast RSS feed
  • iPods & iTunes U - Maximize the rewards of podcasting
    • course-casting - keys to take teaching and learning to a whole new level
    • strategies to use podcasting to enhance faculty & staff development
    • How to improve your enrollment and fundraising efforts with podcasts
  • Overcome Podcasting Challenges and Stay Ahead of the learning Curve
    • Podcasting legal issues- keys to minimize liability
    • Tips & tricks for providing IT support for podcasters
    • Specific examples of how colleges are utilizing podcasting and iTunes U
  • Live Q & A session- Have your specific podcasting questions answered by our expert speaker


Jeff Frey is the Web Services Manager for Enterprise Applications in the Information Technology Department at Rice University. His primary functions are to architect, manage, and maintain technology solutions for faculty, staff, and students using leading edge technologies and applications.

- Jeff holds an MS in Computer Science form Kent State University and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at Rice.

- Jeff prides himself in keeping current with the latest internet tools, and has additional experience in establishing a small technology business as well as a non-profit organization

- Jeff teaches Internet and podcasting courses at the School of Continuing Studies at Rice, and participates as speaker, instructor, and consultant on new technologies at companies and conferences.


Program materials will provided to participants approximately 1 week before the program date via e-mail PDF links. Please download the PDF files before the day of the program.


To register contact Eileen Smith-Piovesan at extension 1459 or email : eileen_piovesan@cbu.ca