Promote Critical Thinking: Strategies for Teaching & Learning

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Events/Guest Speakers
CE265 (Credit Union Room)
Event Date: 
April 20, 2011
Event Time: 
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Wandering eyes, chatting, and blank stares are all signs of a student not connected with the teacher or the material. Knowing your teaching style and understanding how your students learn best will lead to improved academic performance. What can you do to meet the needs of your students and help them expand their ability to learn in different ways?



Keys to recognize learning & teaching styles & and the classroom impact

Help students identify their learning style and succeed in your class

Ways to overcome learning obstacles: What to do when styles don't match

How to adapt your teaching style to effectively reach your students


This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with the latest information and best practices for effectively integrating learning and teaching styles to drive consistent learning outcomes and classroom engagement.



•Learning & Your Students: Ways to Detect Their Dominant Style

◦Styles or modalities: Spot differences & effects on learning

◦How to identify different learning style quadrants for your students

◦Engaging activities and tips for each learning style

•Recognizing Teaching Styles: Tips for Reaching All Your Learners

◦Methods to teach students in different learning quadrants

◦Tips & tricks that strengthen your weakest learning quadrant

◦Simple adjustable teaching strategies to accommodate all styles

•Classroom Strategies for Higher Ed: Ensure Consistent Learning Outcomes

◦Ways to use learning quadrants to create more productive work groups

◦Keys to moving students beyond their dominant learning quadrant

◦Learning style strategies that stimulate lectures and engage students

•Live question and answer session - Have your specific learning and teaching style questions answered.


Dr. Jennifer Hurd is Program Manager for College Survival. She also presents College Survival training workshops for clients across the country. An active member of several professional organizations, Jennifer is President of the Association for the Tutoring Profession. Jennifer served as president of the Arkansas Association for Developmental Education, conference chair for the 1996 NADE conference.


•Jennifer is the Past President of the Arkansas Tutoring Association. Jennifer earned her Ed.D. at Memphis State University in Curriculum and Instruction (Reading). She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education and her M.Ed. in Reading at Harding University. She is also qualified to teach English, reading, research, education, and study skills.

•She is the author of Campus Companion, an orientation text to help students transition to a college campus. Her depth of knowledge and experience serves her well in her capacity as a College Survival Program Manager.


Program Materials will be provided approximately one week before the program date via email with PDF links. Please download the PDF files before the day of the program.

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