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The mandate of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to facilitate teaching effectiveness throughout the university community and encourage teaching staff to focus on the ways in which teaching impacts students. By offering a forum for the sharing of ideas and providing guidance, critique and support, the CTL promotes flexibility and helps staff adapt to the changing nature of teaching and learning.

The CTL encourages use of innovative teaching techniques and assists teaching staff with the use of emerging technologies in the classroom. Guidance and support are available to all teaching staff through activities such as workshops, information sessions, roundtable discussions, and peer mentoring. By these means, the CTL helps teaching staff to develop more effective approaches to teaching.

The Coordinator, with input from the Faculty Liaison, is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Centre and is under the supervision of the Vice-president Academic. The Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation Committee, as a standing committee of Senate, acts in an advisory capacity to the staff of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


Contact Information

Eileen Smith-Piovesan - Teaching & Learning Coordinator                                           Office:L233 (Library second floor) 
Phone: (902) 563-1459
Email: eileen_piovesan@cbu.ca